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5.5" x 22" Table Base

Item No.: T0522-B
1.  05"*22"Table base 
2.  3"*25"Column 
3.  Black 3"*25" Center Column & tie rod w/nuts13"
4.  Cast iron top plate
5.  MOQ: 100 SETS
6.  Weight:  6.4KG(This is the weight of one piece)
7.  Package:  Carton
8.  Material:  Cast Iron
【Sturdy construction】These table legs are made of cast iron and incredibly strong and durable. They provide the table with reliable support and stability to ensure it can withstand heavy use and weight.

【Sleek Design】The black powder-coated surface gives the table legs a stylish and modern appearance. It adds a touch of elegance to any space, making it suitable for various settings, including homes, restaurants, cafes, and offices.

【Non-slip feet】The 4 plastic foot pads on the bottom of the table legs serve as a protective barrier between the legs and the floor. They prevent scratches or damage to the floor surface, preserving its quality and appearance.

【Secure connection】The nut on one end of the connecting rod to the bracket is fixed in place to ensure a secure and stable connection. This eliminates any wobble or looseness that may occur over time, providing a reliable and long-lasting table setting.

【"X" Bracket】The X bracket has two lines along the centre round hole to help hold the square head nut in place. This prevents the nuts from sliding or spinning when tightened, making the assembly process easier and more efficient.

【Enhanced Stability】The X-shaped bracket with T- leg base provides extra stability to prevent the table from tipping or wobbling. It ensures a secure surface for a variety of activities, such as dining, working or socialising.

【Product Dimensions】Overall Size 5"W x 22"D x 30 "H.

【Adaptable Countertop】T-base cast iron construction, 2 bases needed per table, T-base cast iron construction for simple two-piece assembly using a single bolt.13" cross bracket with T-table base recommended for 30" x 42" or Larger Rectangular Table Tops.

【Create the ideal environment】Create the ideal environment to enhance your spatial senses and add a sense of hierarchy and balance to your space with this cast iron table base. Built to withstand years of use, this table base is perfect for both domestic and commercial use!