Restaurant metal chair

Item No.: GRF-509MB
1.  Iron Tube
2.  Black PVC Seat
3.  Material:  Iron

4.  4 plastic non-slip foot mats

5.  Color: Matt Black
6.  Usage: Sitting
7.  SIZE: 17"*17"*31"
8.  Weight:  8 KG

9.  4 screws to fit cushions
10.  Surface:  Powder Coating 

【Durability】 This heavy duty metal dining chair is made from 1.2mm high quality iron tubing for durability. The steel frame class holds up to 500 pounds of weight, welded joint assembly, and household support bar ensure the chair stays strong and secure during use. It will stand up to regular use and has a long life span.
【Stylish Design】The classic high curved stepped/"X" backrest design is more comfortable and adds a modern and unique feel to the chair, making it visually appealing. It can effortlessly complement any upholstery style.
【Floor protection】The 4 plastic feet on the bottom of the frame help to reduce the noise made when moving the chair across the floor surface and prevent scratching or damaging your floor surface, ensuring that no marks or scratches are left behind. It also prevents the chair from sliding or rocking when in use, ensuring a safe and secure sitting experience for the user.
【 Comfortable Seating】The 2.5" thick vinyl soft cushion of the Iron Chair provides excellent comfort and support so that you can sit for long periods of time without feeling any discomfort. The cushion is soft, yet firm enough to hold its shape.
【 Easy to Clean】 The vinyl soft cushion is spill and stain resistant and the black powder coat finish on the frame is easy to clean. Simply wipe with a damp cloth and it will look as good as new.
【Space-saving】The chair's compact design ensures it does not take up much space, making it ideal for smaller rooms or crowded areas. It can be easily stacked or stored when not in use.